What’s Our Clients Say

From start to finish, the team at Hooton’s listened to my needs and found me the perfect pool for my property.   We’re always counting down the days to summer.

-Marlene S.

I was able to purchase the part for my sand filter that your competitor said was no longer available and I would have to replace the entire head at a cost of 189.00. My questions were answered, I wasn’t told I needed to buy unnecessary parts, and wasn’t made to feel insignificant. Thank you, that is what a good business is all about.

-Tia P.

The staff at Hooton’s are very knowledgeable and are always quick to answer my questions.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

-Jamie S.

We buy supplies for our hot tub and pool from Hooton Pools, and bring in water samples for testing several times in the spring while the water is getting back to being stable.  We find them very knowledgable and helpful.  They always have the answers and products we need to keep everything running perfectly!

-David W.